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Garden Building Installation service



Installations are carried out weekdays only, typically between the hours of 7.00am and 8.00pm. In unavoidable circumstances these times can be extended.
Prior to assembly of your building you should consider the following:
  • Your base must be firm, flat and level.


  • Ensure the base is sufficiently sturdy to be able to support the intended use and the weight of the building. We recommend only concrete bases for log cabins and larger buildings.


  • If you are purchasing an Adjustable Base the surface does not have to be level. You do need to check that the ground is sufficiently solid and not a steep slope.


  • Our installation teams may use a vehicle up to 17 tonne (nearly the size of a standard dustcart). They will need to be able to access the property with the vehicle.


  • The team may need to park their vehicle for up to a full day – please arrange for a permit in controlled areas.


  • The installation team will need to be able to move all around the building during assembly. There will need to be at least 2 ft or 600 mm clearance all around. You will also need this clearance for future ongoing maintenance.


  • There should be no overhead obstructions like low branches, power cables etc.


  • To avoid issues when our team arrive you will be asked to take a photo of your prepared site and forward it to our customer service team.


  • However, should the assembly team arrive and they consider the site chosen for your building is not suitable the team will ask you if you would like them to continue, and if you want them to, they will ask you to sign a disclaimer.


  • If the assembly team have to leave the site before completion for reasons beyond our control, including the reasons stated above then the assembly charge will not be refundable


  • To preserve and extend the life of your building we recommend it is treated immediately after installation with an appropriate preservative and that this is repeated annually, or more frequently if the instructions on your chosen preservative state.

Further Useful Information

To help the process go as smoothly and as quickly as possible, we will need to ensure that the base onto which the building will be assembled is firm, level and of sufficient size to accommodate it.  The assembly team will also require at least 460 mm (18”) all around the building to enable them to work.  This space will also allow for future maintenance of the building

Below is some relevant information regarding your base to ensure the site is ready when our assembly team arrives, please read this information thoroughly.


 You will be sent an email from the Installation Team approximately 2 weeks before Install day to confirm and request some details, therefore your Base will need to be ready by this point. Please respond to this email with provide the following:

  • The exact dimensions of the base and confirm that the height clearance meets our requirements.


  • Confirmation that there is an 18-inch clearance around all four sides of the building for the team to be able to move around the building during assembly.


  • At least two images of the whole base area and surroundings from two different angles.


  • Images of the base area with a spirit level showing it is flat and level; a wider photo showing the spirit level diagonally across the centre of the base and a photo up close showing the spirit bubble inside the two lines. We require a spirit level image from each side, front and back of the base as well as across the centre to show the whole base is level and suitable.


  • Please restrict the size of the images to 3mb or less. It is advised that if sending more than two pictures, they will require sending through in separate emails. More than two images per email may result in the email not to be received due to system capacity.


  • All four sides of the base must have a minimum clearance of 18 inches.


  • The area above the base must have a minimum height clearance of 2290mm


  • The base must be of solid construction, ideally concrete over a hard-core foundation and must be flat and level.


  • We must be able to access your back garden directly - We are unable to carry parts through your house or up/down any stairs


  • We must be able to park outside the property for the duration of the installation, potentially in a vehicle the size of a dustbin wagon.


Once confirmation of the above and photographs are received and approved, we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date for delivery and assembly. Delivery and assembly will usually take place on the same day and on consecutive days if necessary. Someone does need to be in or available throughout the assembly. 



In the past we have been to several sites that were found to be unsuitable when we arrived. If a base does not follow all the guidelines stated above and is not completely level this will mean that panels – particularly floor panels – will not fit together correctly during assembly. The side panels and the roof will then not sit correctly and the doors and windows will be out of line. Over time, doors and windows may not open and close correctly and gaps between panels may appear. Due to these extreme consequences that could occur, if our assembly team study your base and deem it unsuitable you will have 2 options. 1) our team will give you advisories for rectification and will come away, we will then book you back in for a re-visit at a minimum charge of £250 once you have amended the base, or 2) our assembly team will provide you with an indemnity to sign to confirm you are happy for us to erect your building on the base provided regardless of advice given to the contrary. Any warranty for the building is void. You would also not be able to raise any valid case against the functionality or quality of the building at any point in the future.


Care and Maintenance

The 5 golden rules of care:

  • Ensure your base is level and firm 


  • Ensure the building is not sitting directly on the ground using damp proof membrane or the optional timber base.


  • (Ensure every piece of timber and surface, especially that is hidden upon assembly is treated with a top quality wood preservative at least twice (see note on pressure treated buildings in warranty section)


  • Garden buildings are not waterproof, therefore we recommend you seal between all the panels with a silicone based sealant .


  • Regularly check your roofing felt for weather damage and leaks


The 7 golden rules of maintenance

  • Re apply the timber treatment annually. (see note on pressure treated buildings in warranty section)


  • Visually check for weather damage 


  • Check and replace if necessary any Silicone sealant if used on your building.


  • Check the roofing material for wear 


  • The doors and windows may require periodical adjustment


  • Ensure your building is well ventilated especially during hot weather


  • During extremely hot periods humidify your building to prevent the timber from drying out .


A copy of the assembly instructions for the building can be emailed upon request.