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Resources for Turning Your Backyard into a Family-Friendly Oasis, by Clara Beaufort

Resources for Turning Your Backyard into a Family-Friendly Oasis, by Clara Beaufort


If your yard has seen better days, or is little more than an annoyance you need to mow every week, it’s probably not living up to its full potential. Luckily, there are countless projects you can do to turn a boring backyard into an exciting place for your whole family to enjoy. Below, find a few ideas for sprucing up your yard so it’s an inviting place where you want to spend more time.


Working with What You’ve Got


Even if your yard needs a little TLC, it’s probably already got a few things going for it. Here’s how to fix up existing features so they’re clean, usable, and enjoyable.


  • With a little effort, you can revive thinning grass to its former glory.
  • Cracks in a concrete patio or sidewalk are tripping hazards, but are simple to repair.
  • If you have a disused pool, some routine maintenance can restore it to working order.
  • Faded stain or loose boards on a deck can make it uninviting, but repairs are easy.
  • Unkempt flower beds can look new again with an afternoon of work.


Designing Your Dream Yard


With repairs and maintenance out of the way, you can focus your attention on new projects that will take your yard to the next level. Adding these features can turn it into a true oasis.


  • Putting in a veggie garden can reduce your grocery bill while beautifying your backyard.
  • Harness the wind and reduce your energy bills by installing your own wind turbine.
  • Design an outdoor kitchen so your family can enjoy fresh meals outside.
  • Add fun features for your dog, such as a fence window so he can watch the world go by.
  • Design a fire pit so you can enjoy nights filled with s’mores and stargazing.
  • Make your yard safe and beautiful at the same time with some solar powered lights.


Getting the Most Out of Your Space


With your backyard all decked out, it’s time to get some good use out of the space! These ideas will hopefully inspire you to spend more time outdoors in your new yard.



A backyard is a space that holds so much potential. By refurbishing the existing features in your yard and starting a few new projects, you can completely transform your outdoor space. After all that hard work, be sure to plan some outdoor activities so you can get the most use out of your yard as possible.


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