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Add These Great Green Design Changes to Your Landscaping

Add These Great Green Design Changes to Your Landscaping



Homeowners who are invested in sustainable and eco-friendly living should consider making alterations not only to their home and lifestyle but also to their lawn and landscaping. One way to do this is to incorporate water-conservation methods into outdoor planning, landscaping, gardening, and lawn maintenance. The great thing is that one need not sacrifice beauty to transition to a more ecologically responsible landscaping style: water-conscious design can be attractive as well as earth-friendly and practical.

Keep in mind that conserving water needs to be a priority everywhere. Even if you live in an area that gets plenty of rain, that doesn’t mean that the water falling from the sky will re-enter the ground or be available for use. Water-conscious design helps make the most of usable water whether you live in an arid climate or not.


Consider alternatives to grass lawns.

Yes, the neatly trimmed, glossy green lawn is a fixture of the English country aesthetic. That does not mean it is automatically the best choice for your yard, especially when you factor in issues like chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Consider a moss lawn as an attractive alternative to grass, especially if you live in an area where moss grows easily.
  • Gravel, river rocks, or decomposed granite can help conserve and filter water.
  • Putting down mulch can help prevent weed growth while also limiting erosion.
  • Put in flower and shrub beds that are not only pretty but also attract beneficial pollinators and prevent soil erosion.

Install rainwater collection systems.

Collecting rainwater means that when you do need to water your lawn or garden, you can do so more sustainably.

  • Catch rainwater in barrels set under your roofs and gutters.
  • Install rainwater catch receptacles or harvesting tanks underground, beneath your
  • Use landscaping methods such as rain gardens that conserve, channel, and make the best use of water.

Further benefits of adding eco-friendly landscaping touches.

Aside from the advantages to the environment, there are other reasons why you should consider going green with your lawn choices.

  • Eco-friendly or green landscaping is less expensive to maintain because it keeps water bills lower and there’s less need to spend on lawn care products.
  • Green landscaping requires less work to maintain.
  • A home with an eco-friendly landscaping design is likely to have a higher value on the market.
  • Green landscaping can also be good for your health and wellness - both physically and mentally.

Whether you’ve been committed to making more environmentally friendly choices for a while, or this is your first foray into living green, transitioning your lawn from conventional to eco-friendly is sure to be rewarding. It can provide benefits to your health, for you and your whole family. Your landscaping will be attractive and striking, too. And you won’t even need to devote a lot of time and money to keep it that way. You may decide to make some green changes in other areas of your life as well, such as switching over to electric bikes with the help of Be Brave Ltd.


Clara Beaufort

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